Our Ultimate Mission:

Music is a social activity which involves family and community participation. It helps individuals to express their talents and it unites families into a deeper community of faith. 


Our mission is to help Haitian families in rural parts of Haiti to take their inner experiences and their faith in God and move it into a shared creative experience through music. We believe Christian music has positive qualities to do just that and can lead to building very strong communities and building hope and unshaken faith.


Who We Are?

We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and individuals who care about the welfare and future of Haiti; and the future starts with the families and the local communities.

What We Do?

We are unconventional in our goals. We do not have the immediate disposable resources to help the children in the rural parts of Haiti like we would like, so we use the resources we do have: our voices. We hope to teach and pass on musical talent to the next generation of Christian leaders by exposing these children to theater and music. In times where their futures can look so bleak, we hope to provide an outlet of inspiration and hope to these kids through exposure to a musical environment. 

How to Help:

We are accepting monetary donations to help fund the creation of a theater and music school. 

We are also accepting any instruments in working condition. 

Contact Us At:

Mercy for the Children Foundation Inc.

13436 Covenant Road

Naples, FL 34114

(239) 580-6151


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